Screening: “The Mafia Kills Only in Summer”

Apr 15, 2015 493

Pierfrancesco "Pif" Diliberto (a renowned Italian TV host and political comedian) wrote, directed, and stars in this subversive, irreverent comedy set in his native Palermo. Arturo (Alex Bisconti as a child, Diliberto as an adult), grows up in 1970s Sicily obsessed with the omnipresent Mafia (his first word as a baby is "Mafia," not "Mama").

His father tries to reassure him with the disingenuous title lie (it is winter at the time), but people Arturo meets (judges, policemen) keep getting killed. Arturo's naïve innocence seems to reflect that of Italy itself, where citizens try to avoid conflict and hope that if they ignore the Mafia, the Mafia will return the favor.

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Fonte: Bostoniano

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