The secrets of Rome's artisan bakeries

Jul 14, 2017 675

BY: Paula Berner Magalhaes

On a narrow street in Rome’s Trastevere neighbourhood, the blending of gastronomic and family traditions can be tasted, and it tastes delightfully sweet. Since 1940, the Innocenti family has owned the Biscottificio Artigiano Innocenti, a biscuit factory now run by Stefania Innocenti, third generation of biscuit specialists.

The Biscottificio operates on the ground floor of a charming house. Colourful biscuits are displayed all across the counter, an overwhelming display that makes it hard to pick and taste only one kind. The protagonist of the place, however, is an oven, approximately 15m long, especially tailored and built in situ during the 1960s.

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