A singer’s opera - World premiere of Harold Blumenfeld’s ‘Borgia Infami’ in Edison Theatre Sept. 30, Oct. 1

Sep 20, 2017 369

BY: Liam Otten

The Vatican echoes with chants. Rodrigo Borgia is pope. Steps away, and five centuries later, a tour guide regales visitors with tales of the infamous Borgia clan. Rodrigo, the family patriarch, boasts of their strength. Eldest son Cesare, ensconced within the College of Cardinals, longs for an army. Daughter Lucrezia, alleged poisoner of the family’s enemies, steps free from a painting and into a life of murder and betrayal.

In “Borgia Infami,” St. Louis composer Harold Blumenfeld (1923-2014) combines historical fact and dramatic legend to investigate the nature of power and how secrets echo across the generations. On Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, Winter Opera Saint Louis and the Department of Music in Arts & Sciences will present the world premiere of Blumenfeld’s two-act opera in Edison Theatre at Washington University in St. Louis.

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