Take Another Bite of the Italian Language in New York

Mar 07, 2017 519

BY: Enza Antenos

Italy continues to be one of the most loved countries and, by extension, Italian remains one of the most loved foreign languages. We’ve previously reportedon the importance of the use of Italian culture and its international fame will attract more people towards the language and we’ve also discovered that the Italian language has gained a foothold in the business reality of the greater New York area, beyond the food and beverage sector.

Our previous episode explored where we see and hear la bella lingua and identified those linguistic realities that have made their way into daily economic life in the big city, those words and expressions that have become a reality in the business marketplace. The common thread that unites Italian language to America is beauty and excellence. When you hear or see an Italian word in business, it’s the union of figurative and linguistic beauty, a beauty that transcends geographical boundaries.

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SOURCE: http://www.lavocedinewyork.com

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