Textiles, clothing, ceramic tiles sale figures confirm export-led recovery

Jun 13, 2015 882

by Giorgio Costa and Giulia Crivelli

The recovery of the textile-clothing and ceramic tile sectors, which are crucial to Italian manufacturing, are increasingly tied to the export market. That's confirmed in figures published yesterday by their respective trade associations. They show that while there's little light forthcoming from the domestic market, still exceedingly weak, companies can look toward the future with a bit more optimism.

"The crisis was long and, in some years, the declines were enormous. Now we can say the recovery is here: in 2014, the sector grew by 2.7% to €52 billion, and in 2015 we expect another increase in revenue of 3.8%. But it will take time to return to pre-2008 levels and to make up for lost ground in employment, exports and production," said Claudio Marenzi, president of Sistema Moda Italia (SMI). 

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Fonte: Italy24


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