Tisanoreica diet lures Italian-American masterchefs

Nov 15, 2014 532

Los Angeles has recently hosted the "Tisanoreica Week", an intense week of culinary passion that saw the strong link between the great Italian-American chefs and this "Made in Italy" diet called Tisanoreica, created by Gianluca Mech, President of Gianluca Mech SpA.

These events were organized by Carollo Productions USA (Andrea Carollo), with Regina Salpagarova. As you can read on the inventor's website, Tisanoreica mixes are made with a patented formula containing medicinal herbs and aminoacids of high nutritional value. Unlike other products, Tisanoreica mixes are designed to meet the essential requirements of basic nutrients during the slimming process. Much more than just a dietary protocol, this diet is increasingly synonymous with a healthy lifestyle combined with Italian flavors and delights.

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Source: http://bridgestoitaly.org/

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