Upper Peninsula monument would list victims of 1913 tragedy

Mar 17, 2017 295

There’s a plan to erect a monument in the Upper Peninsula to remember the 73 people who died more than a century ago when someone yelled “fire” at a Christmas party for families of striking miners. The monument at Italian Hall Memorial Park in Calumet would have the names of the victims. Many were children.

A committee member, Mike Lahti, tells The Daily Mining Gazette of Houghton (http://bit.ly/2mD0aAx ) that the monument could be made of granite or glass. He says it will be a place where people “can just sit and contemplate” what happened in 1913. The victims were crushed or suffocated when they tried to get away from the second floor of the Italian Hall.

SOURCE: http://www.washingtontimes.com

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