What's up with WTI: Editorial # 53

Feb 06, 2015 855

WTI Magazine #53    2015 February, 6
Author : Umberto Mucci      Translation by:


We cannot begin our new editorial without celebrating the new President of Italy's Republic, Sergio Mattarella. We the Italians, proud of our country and willing to do whatever we can to promote it in the United States, truly appreciates the choice made by the Italian Parliament and wishes good luck to the newly appointed Head of our State, who mentioned the Italians abroad in his first speech as our President.

We have a big announcement to make: We the Italians made a deal with Expo 2015, and from this number of our online magazine we will be happy to promote some of the contents that will be in this extraordinary event, that will put at the center of the world Milan and the whole Italy.

We are proud to participate in the promotion Expo 2015, and we strongly encourage everyone of our readers to consider a trip to Italy to come and be part of it, from May 1 to October 31. And ... there's more to come about this!

Finally, we suggest for you to take a look to the IT and US column of this issue. America, the musical is a wonderful play that tells the story of Italian emigration to America from the point of view of those who actually came to the US. The music is wonderful, the actors are marvelous, the story is moving, the characters are inspiring: share your thoughts with us at info@wetheitalians.com ... would you like to see it in your town, too?

That's all for now. So stay tuned, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. The future's so bright, we gotta wear shades!

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