What's up with WTI: Editorial # 79

May 13, 2016 579

WTI Magazine #79    2016 May 13
Author : Umberto Mucci      Translation by:


Ciao from Rome! Welcome to the 79th issue of our online magazine. The second tour of presentations of We the Italians – the book has been a big success! Once again I've been lucky to meet a lot of committed successful Italian Americans and Italians recently moved to the US, and tell them about the wonderful 100 interviewees and their stories.

Everything started with the NIAF Gala in Manhattan: 500 important personalities celebrating Italy in the US, a blessing for We the Italians to be there meeting many interesting and dedicated people. The second gala that saw We the Italians attending has been the one from AIAE, in Long Island. Josephine Maietta and her group did a fantastic job in telling and awarding and representing the Italians in one of the most important field of everybody's life, education. On a personal level, I've been happy to meet Mrs. Matilda Cuomo, one of the 100 interviewees but more important one of my favorite personalities at all, ever. I've also been live with on my friend Giovanna Auriemma's radio show on www.wrhu.org! Lots of fun and Italy on a Sunday morning!

On May 3 I had the honor to be joined by three outstanding leaders of the Italian American community in my presentation at the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute: Aileen Riotto Sirey, Founder and Chair Emerita of NOIAW; Joseph Sciame, President of the Conference of the Presidents of the Major Italian American Organizations; and Anthony Tamburri, Dean of the Calandra Institute.

Then I moved to Connecticut, where on May 4 I had the honor to be the keynote speaker at the Spring Gala of the Connecticut Italian American Bar Association. I found a marvelous group of kind, competent Italian American lawyers, in love with Italy and very interested in We the Italians. My thanks go to my friend Lorenzo Agnoloni who brought me there, to Fran Donnarumma who represents them in the book, and to the two young vigorous kind President and Vice President, Daniel Elliott and Cristina Salamone. Guys, I'll be waiting for you in Rome!

The day after the presentation in Greenwich saw a large participation of public, with a big group of Italian emigrated from Calabria: this time the interviewee I had the pleasure to have with me was Anthony Riccio, author, teacher, a friend.

On May 6 I had the opportunity to present my book at the only Italian American bookstore in the US: I AM Books in the North End, Boston's Little Italy. With me I had two young successful Italians who were born in Italy and recently moved in the US: Nicola Orichuia and Gianluca De Novi. It has been a wonderful opportunity to talk about Italy and the US in a historical place.

So, once again, thanks to all the organizers and those who attended to the events! More to come in October, but now the focus will be on Italy: in June the Italian version of the book will be published, with 50 interviews, We'll do a dozen of presentations all around Italy, spreading the news about how wonderful Italy in the US really is!

Please join us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. Plus, as already told, we opened our own store, with gadgets, branded We the Italians! We're having a big success! We're so glad that so many of our friends already decided to buy one or more of our gadgets. You can do it, too! Don't lose this occasion, show your gadget with two flags and one heart to your fellow Italians, they'll want to know how to buy such a cool thing! Here's the link: http://wetheitalians.spreadshirt.com/

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That's all for now. So stay tuned, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. The future's so bright, we gotta wear shades!

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