What's up with WTI: Editorial # 80

Jun 17, 2016 587

WTI Magazine #80    2016 June 17
Author : Umberto Mucci      Translation by:


Ciao from Rome! Welcome to the 80th issue of our online magazine. During this month a lot of things have happened, and I want to briefly tell you about them. First of all, like every year on Memorial Day We the Italians paid our respect to the American soldiers buried or commemorated in the Sicily Rome American Cemetery in Nettuno. We will never forget their sacrifice, they gave their lives to free our country and we will always be thankful to them.

At the beginning of June I had the honor of been granted of a US Visa as a journalist, that will be helpful to increase the activities of We the Italians in the US: about this there's a lot going on ... underground. More to come, asap. Happy!

In Rome, We the Italians attended the press conference during which the Italian Ministry for Culture and the American Ambassador to Italy presented the recovery, thanks to the Library of Congress, of the letter in which Christopher Columbus announced the discovery of the "new world". It is a very exciting and very important piece of history that will be returned to Florence's Riccardiana library where it belongs.

Later on in June, We the Italians was invited from the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs to attend at a meeting of the Fulbright Scholars, an event promoted by the Fulbright Commission aimed as an orientation for Italian grant holders leaving for the U.S.A. and American grant holders coming to Italy. It was awesome to be able to talk to several young Italians excited for their future experience in the US and to their young American fellows who are spending a wonderful time studying and researching here in Italy. It was really a "two flags one heart" situation!

Last but not least, on June 9 we organized the first presentation of the Italian version of the "We the Italians" book, which will be available in the Italian bookstores and online in just a few days. This preview took place in Turin, where I had the huge privilege and honor to be joined by my friend John M. Viola, the President of NAIF, the National Italian American Foundation. John is a terrific leader and nobody better than him could have been the first interviewee to attend the first presentation of the Italian version of the book. More Italian presentations will come in the next months, especially in September; while in October I'll be back to the US for more American presentations of the American version of the book. Stay tuned!

Please join us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. Plus, as already told, we opened our own store, with gadgets, branded We the Italians! We're having a big success! We're so glad that so many of our friends already decided to buy one or more of our gadgets. You can do it, too! Don't lose this occasion, show your gadget with two flags and one heart to your fellow Italians, they'll want to know how to buy such a cool thing! Here's the link: http://wetheitalians.spreadshirt.com/

Please: take a look at which areas you subscribed too. We changed our newsletter, now we have one for each area: those of you who subscribed for all the 9 areas will receive 9 newsletters. If you don't want that, please take a look at your subscription and change it however you want, or email us and tell us which area(s) you prefer.

That's all for now. So stay tuned, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. The future's so bright, we gotta wear shades!

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