Why Rome is cuter by scooter

Apr 28, 2017 624

BY: Claire Atkinson

As the old adage goes: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That means rent a Vespa and rule the road. Former New Yorker Annie Ojile runs a tour company called Scooteroma that offers cinematic, foodie, street art or general tours of the city (from about $158 per person). Ojile — who fell in love with Italy when studying abroad in Milan 20 years ago — turns heads on the ancient cobblestones, astride her fire engine-red Vespa scooter with a bright stars-and-stripes helmet.

Stopping at red lights, Ojile lays out 2,000 years of cultural history. On a hot day, as the breeze rushes past, a Vespa tour is one surefire way to see the Eternal City without breaking a sweat. Ojile manages a team of expert guides who will safely squire helmeted riders around the city on their own rented scooters or on the backs of theirs (if you’re less confident about your chances against Rome’s other Vespisti, aka scooter fanatics).

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SOURCE: http://nypost.com/

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