Why young Sicilians refuse to leave their homeland

Mar 09, 2017 569

The most recentreport on internal migration presented during Southern Economics Day reaffirms a long-held belief: southern Italy is losing 100,000 of its young prople every year. It's as if a town with a population of 20,000 was leaving Sicily every 365 days. Speaking to young Sicilian researchers living abroad, we observed a willingness to go back to Sicily but only if "policies on university education, research and employment are changed" - to put it simply, if skills aquired during studies are really acknowledged (and paid accordingly), without having to ask for it.

But things are changing: during the last three months of 2016, 1,800 companies emerged in the south, including many start-ups. Let's not forget Palermo, which has been selected as the 2017 Capital City for Youth and 2018 Italian capital of Culture. Cafébabel met those who chose to remain in Sicily, trying to investigate the personal reasons behind their choice as well as the experiences and paradigmatic motivations of many young Sicilians.

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SOURCE: http://www.cafebabel.co.uk

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