New Jersey's Tom Giordano, at 92 years old, sharp as ever as Major League Baseball scout

Jul 12, 2018 382

BY: Pete Caldera

Tom Giordano's connections read like the Baseball Encyclopedia, a parade of names and events and stories from spending 71 years in professional ball as a player, manager, scout and executive.  At 92 years old, the Newark-born Giordano, nicknamed "T-Bone,'' is still actively working in Major League Baseball, serving as a scout for the Atlanta Braves organization.

The oldest active scout in the sport, Giordano paused for a moment this week to go nine innings about his life and career with The Record and

1. Jersey roots
It was the late 1920s and early 1930s, and they were all living in a one-room tenement behind the family’s grocery store on Elm Street in Newark’s Ironbound section: Tommy, his two younger brothers and their parents, born in Italy.

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