Beppe Gambetta, playing Friday at Best Video in Hamden, may be from Italy, but he can flat-pick with the best of them

Jan 09, 2018 479

BY: Mark Zaretsky

Let’s dispel a big misconception some people around here might have: Not all of the world’s great flat-pickers are from Appalachia, the South or even from the United States. Just ask Beppe Gambetta, who hails from Genoa, Italy, one of the masters of the acoustic guitar who will be here as a living breathing example of that.

“Here” in this case will be the Best Video Film & Cultural Center, in a show presented by Chris Wuerth’s Guitartown CT Friday. Gambetta clearly has a thing for American roots music in addition to his own original music and other world influences, however, and that also will be on display when he performs at 7:30 p.m..

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