Carnevale Celebrated By Eastchester’s Sons Of Italy

Mar 23, 2018 443

BY: Tiziano Thomas Dossena

Carnevale, a word that in Italy means much more than the beginning of Lent and a celebration with masks and parades. It represents a celebration of life and a day where you can be what you dreamed of being: a cow boy, an astronaut, a car racer, or maybe even Julius Caesar or whatever historical character you have a liking to. That is why Venice, Viareggio, Cento and many other Italian cities come alive even more on such a date.

It is to respect this tradition and to replicate, at the same time, the joy for life that Italian display in their country that the members of Sons of Italy’s Garibaldi Lodge #2583 in Eastchester celebrate every year Carnevale. This year the venue chosen was Scavello’s On The Island and it was definitely a great choice. City Island is close enough and it has its own charm. Add to that the luxurious ambiance and great food of Scavello’s and all you needed was the enthusiasm of the partygoers.

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