La Dolce Vita Remix to bring classic film to life

Mar 08, 2018 414

BY: Lauren Halligan

Saratoga Arts Fest is kicking off its 2018 series with a free event called La Dolce Vita Remix that will bring the classic Italian film to life. All are welcome to transform their evening into a Roman holiday and get a glimpse into the life of celebrity with Saratoga Art Fest’s La Dolce Vita Remix from 6 to 10 p.m. on Friday at The Spa Little Theater. 

The audience’s imaginations will be captured by their surroundings as they’re pulled into Federico Fellini’s classic film, centering around the seven deadly sins, taking place on the seven hills of Rome. This first Arts Fest Friday event of the year is hosted by Saratoga Arts Fest in partnership with MoveWorks Dance Company, Creative License and Saratoga Film Academy.

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