In Jason Grilli, Rangers bullpen finds something it's been looking for for a long time: A mentor

Jul 05, 2017 505

Jason Grilli’s first official act as new Rangers bullpen whisperer, mentor and occasional reliever Monday was to set the tone and take care of some unfinished business. He shook Ernesto Frieri’s hand. The last time they met, it was under far different circumstances. Just traded for one another with Grilli going to Anaheim and Frieri to Pittsburgh, the two happened to both change planes at Chicago’s O’Hare airport and both felt a call to nature at the same time.

“I was standing there [at a urinal] and there’s this guy at another one looking back at me,” Grilli said. “We looked back at one another did a double take and said ‘good luck and I’d love to shake your hand, but, um, I’ll catch you next time’.” Grilli didn’t forget the details. A good leader never does. And make no mistakes here, Grilli is a Ranger for the second time in his long career to help lead an inexperienced bullpen that has wandered and squandered its way through the season.

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