Spettacolo: Monticchiello in New Mexico

Nov 08, 2017 523

In partnership with Italian Festivals of New Mexico, THE GUILD CINEMA presents SPETTACOLO: the story of Montichiello’s half-century old Teatro Povero (Folk Theater) tradition, beautifully told in a documentary that’s been called both poignant and breathtaking. Directors, Jeff Malmberg & Chris Shellen – Released Sept 6, 2017 – 91 mins – Italian with English Subtitles – View trailer: https://vimeo.com/230383008

Friday, Nov 17 - Saturday, Nov 18 - Sunday, Nov 19 - Monday, Nov 20 all shows at 6:30 PM at The Guild Cinema - 3405 Central NE - Albuquerque. Admission $5 when you ask for the Italian Festivals rate

Once upon a time the villagers of the tiny Tuscan town of Monticchiello came up with a remarkable way to confront their issues: they turned their lives into a play. Every summer, their piazza became their stage and residents of all ages played a part – the role of themselves. Monticchiello’s annual tradition has attracted worldwide attention and kept the town together for 50 years, but with an aging population and a future generation more interested in Facebook than in farming, the town’s 50th–anniversary performance just might be its last. “Spettacolo” interweaves episodes from Monticchiello’s past with its modern-day process as the villagers turn a series of devastating blows into a new play about the end of their world.

SOURCE: Italy in New Mexico

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