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Italian Art: Edoardo Tresoldi

Italian Art: Edoardo Tresoldi

  • WTI Magazine #97 Nov 18, 2017
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Edoardo Tresoldi is probably the rising star of Italian art. Not yet thirty years old, he has been able to attract an attention rarely dedicated to young artists here in Italy. Beware that he then bounced around the world projecting him, according to Forbes, among the most influential artists under 30 in the world.

His path was born from the school of scenography in Milan and Rome; then the meeting with the Spanish artist Gonzalo Borondo, very active in the Italian capital, determines the change of gear, the turn towards the art of installations and the vertiginous rise to popularity.

The internal structure of the theatrical and cinematographic sets becomes the absolute protagonist in Tresoldi's works. The metal mesh composes forms, animal architectures and human figures creating an illusionistic effect that is completely unusual, almost metaphysical.

His first work is "The collector of winds", a figurative sculpture made in Pizzo Calabro (Calabria), of a man who turns his gaze towards the Aeolian Islands and controls the game of the winds that classical mythography tells us lived in those islands.

The "genius loci" is one of the components of Tresoldi's installations which, in addition to dialoguing with the panorama or context where they are arranged, contribute to redesigning it, imagining it and perhaps evoking it in their ancient forms.

This is the case of his most important work: "La Basilica di Siponto". A reconstruction of the structure of the twelfth century that, as if evoked, reappears in a phantasmatic form made only of wire mesh. Almost a hologram in the light of halogen headlights that make the light bounce in a changing way on the surface of the steel wire. Contemporary art reconstructs and revises archaeology, without technology but only with manual skill and talent.

On a more dreamlike level, on the other hand, are the constructions that have no seniority constraint, such as "Incipit": a modern, transparent transept, crossed by a flight of birds. Poetic but metallic.

In 2016 Tresoldi was commissioned to design, together with the Designlab Experience in Dubai, an exhibition for an event of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family. The artist described the project as follows: "I imagined an absolute garden in which architecture and nature could dance together in continuous interpenetrations and contrasts, a sort of symphonic space marked by the dialogue between classical archetypes and modernist signs. The instruments of transparency and its broken rhythms allowed me to generate continuous abstractions and architectural distortions."

These mirages of metallic mesh have a double nature of solid and aerial. They are incorporeal to the sight and very solid in weight, they change with the change of natural or artificial light, they modify panoramas or shape interiors, they are a truly unique experience to admire and we are sure that the future applications of Edoardo Tresoldi's art will bring him in the history of Italian art.