We The Italians | What's up with WTI: Editorial # 96

What's up with WTI: Editorial # 96

What's up with WTI: Editorial # 96

  • WTI Magazine #96 Oct 14, 2017
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Ciao from Rome, and Happy Italian Heritage Month!

Last September We the Italians made the first step to a journey that will bring us in the main Italian Festivals all over the US. In Seattle our friends Bob and Lee Casazza (thanks guys! We love you) represented us and spread the word to the several Italians who attended the Festival. It is the first of many Festivals, and we encourage other friends and readers to help us being there and grow our network, telling as many people as possible how wonderful is the Italian Community and bringing Italy in a new and innovative way to these marvelous gatherings. Please email us and let us know!

A few days ago something important happened in Italy too. Thanks to the efforts of many Italians, included We the Italians, the Italian Senate voted in favor of an appeal that requires the Italian Government to work hard together with the Italian American communities and the Italian Institutions in the US to defend Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day. We've lobbied very hard to members of the Italian Parliament to have this outcome, but the fight has only begun. We the Italians will be here to monitor what will happen after this appeal: those of you who will want Italy to be part of the defense of Columbus can be sure that we will never stop representing this issue here in Italy.

About Columbus and our commitment, please be sure not to lose the interview we've done to the Presidents of the three most important Italian American Organizations. We are very thankful to Vera Girolami Ferrara (OSIA), John M. Viola (NIAF) and Angelo Vivolo (Columbus Citizens Foundation) for sharing their thoughts with We the Italians, in what we've been said is the first triple interview of this kind, ever.

We've also reached and passed the 10,000 comments in the last month and the 150,000 visits in the last week on our Facebook page: the reason is the several news we posted regarding Columbus. Moderating 10,0o0 comments has not been easy, there's so many angry people out there, disgusted by the attacks towards Columbus and what they see as attacks against the Italian Americans. We're thankful happy that they've chosen us to debate and exchange their ideas, this is one of the services we'll be improving in the future, we want to be more and more the virtual place where people will be willing to share their ideas, in a civil way and a safe and respectful Italian environment. Please visit us and join the others, you will always be welcome, whatever your opinion is.

Last but not least, We the Italians' PR Edoardo Colombo (yes, we have our own Colombo!!) had the honor to be selected as juror in the 2017 Genova Pesto World Championship that was held last October 7. In the photo Edoardo (right) is with Carlo Fidanza, Member of the European Parliament (left) and Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Region (center). Stay tuned, big news are coming soon!

Please remember that the We the Italians 2016 yearbook is available: with all the interviews done, both in English and Italian, in 2016. It is a useful tool to know more about Italy and the US and also to learn or refresh the knowledge of our wonderful Italian language. It can be bought and/or donated here.

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That’s all for now. So stay tuned, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!