Matteo Troncone and the Neapolitan “art of living”

Jun 03, 2019 502


It’s sunny in San Francisco on the Saturday afternoon before Memorial Day. Matteo comes to San Francisco from San Luis Obispo, before taking a flight to Chicago the next day. Matteo and I have been in touch for a few days now and I can immediately feel his excitement when we meet to talk about his film, Arrangiarsi(Pizza... and the Art of Living) that he is now touring around the US. 

Once we introduce to each other, Director Matteo Troncone is the one starting the conversation: “Did you see him?” he asks. Surely he takes me by surprise, but only for a moment. Soon, it becomes clear that the “him” is actually his van. The Brown Bison, as Matteo calls it, is parked outside the café and there is no way it can go unnoticed: on both sides, you can read “Pizza and the art of living,” whereas the back shows the word “arrangiarsi,” in addition to stickers of all Festivals where the film was played, an Italian plate Matteo found on the road while visiting Italy, and the official plate customized as “Pizza.” 

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