Columbus Day: The Italian Touch in America and Philadelphia

Oct 06, 2018 450

BY: Mark Squilla

As we approach the Columbus Day weekend, we are reminded of the Italians who left their mark on Philadelphia, and paved the way for the large Italian American population that has influenced our City for centuries. Below is a sampling of Italians who have contributed to the fabric of Philadelphia’s history. 

Philadelphia is located along the Delaware River in the United States of America, on the North American continent. North America was discovered by Cristoforo Colombo, a Genoese sailing for Queen Isabel of Spain. America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian who sailed for the Portuguese. The Delaware was sited first by the Italian Verrazzano sailing for the French in 1524. What do we know of these explorers? Why were Italian sailors sailing for foreign powers?

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