‘It’s Insulting’: Attendees Of Columbus Day Parade Upset With Latest Ruling On Controversial Marconi Plaza Statue

Oct 11, 2021 521

BY: Jasmine Payoute

It’s a colorful tradition. The Columbus Day parade made its way down Broad Street Sunday. What’s next for the boxed-up statue of Christopher Columbus loomed large over the crowd. “This is our Italian heritage,” one woman said. A sea of hundreds dressed in red, white, and green marched down Broad Street in celebration of Columbus Day.

“It shows that the Italians are together and we’re here for everybody,” Stephen Lauer, the parade coordinator said. “This is a diverse parade. We have a lot of diverse groups and that’s what we want.” The parade ended at the Columbus statue at Marconi Plaza. The statue is now entangled in a legal tug of war.

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SOURCE: https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com

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