Musical "They Call it Gravy; WE Call it SAUCE!

Sep 20, 2019 151

The original musical about Sicilians, Neapolitans and Jewish Businessmen titled, "They Call it Gravy; WE Call it SAUCE!" has scheduled its final three performances in New Jersey on October 11-13 at the Brook Arts Center before it crosses the Hudson.

"They Call it Gravy; WE Call it SAUCE!" tells the story of Rosa, a second-generation Sicilian living in New York's Little Italy with her parents. Her father is a proud Sicilian man who is firmly entrenched in the only "old world" customs he knows and when his unmarried daughter tells him that she's expecting, he disowns and banishes her. Twenty-something years later, Rosa's Jewish-raised daughter, Barbara, unaware of her Sicilian heritage, uncovers the family secret and digs-in to discover her roots.

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