Petition starts to replace Frank Rizzo mural with Gritty

Oct 16, 2018 335

Gritty is on his way to becoming a Philly icon so much so that there's a movement to give Gritty his own mural.  "I’d vote for Gritty a hundred times.” Mark Macyk is like the hundreds of thousands who love them some Gritty but could the brand new Philadelphia Flyers mascot replace another Philly icon in the Italian market—former Mayor Frank Rizzo?

The iconic mural of Rizzo on 9th and Montrose in the Italian Market honors Philly’s first Italian American mayor but he comes with plenty of controversy with many who say his policing policies were racist. “Gritty’s never done any kind of things wrong. I would vote for him any chance I got," Macyk said. 

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