That's Amore: South Strabane Township native exploring Washington's Italian heritage

Aug 20, 2021 351

BY: Rick Shrum

For nearly a century and a half, the United States has been renowned as “The Land of Opportunity.” This is where millions of people elsewhere across the globe – seeking a more prosperous and, perhaps, safer life – have settled, and attempt to settle. Tina Calabro’s grandparents were among those immigrants. Pasquale and Agostina Calabro “were among the four million Italians who left for the United States between 1880 to 1930,” she said.

Hundreds ended up in Washington, and nurtured families there and in surrounding towns and villages. Adults – and teens – worked in coal fields, glass factories and steel facilities. Many Italian immigrants started businesses, including groceries, barber shops, shoe repair stores, clothing shops and furniture stores.

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