UNICO National is seeking qualified applicants for its Executive Director position

Jan 06, 2022 482

This individual serves as the principal professional resource to the UNICO National Executive Committee, and in cooperation with the National President, represents UNICO National to the members, benefactors and volunteers throughout the country.

This position has overall responsibility for strategy implementation, staff leadership, and day-today operations. The duties are broad in scope and require the ability to build coalitions within the chapters of UNICO National and various other Italian-American organizations that support UNICO’s vision and mission.

An important description is that this individual will provide leadership to UNICO National in the development, coordination, operation and expansion of the UNICO National mission for the purpose of raising funds to support much needed programs and charities.

Job Requirements

The Executive Director must be an effective communicator with refined interpersonal skills, and discretion who promotes volunteerism and strengthens relationships with donors, chapters, business and civic leaders, and the Italian American community at large. The Executive Director will also be responsible, innovative, proactive, and empathetic. The individual will be a tireless change agent who seeks new and innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of UNICO members and chapters. Overall, the Executive Director must be a leader whose actions and accomplishments will set a positive example for others in UNICO National.

The core functions of the position include: strategic planning, accounting, budgeting, financial management, staff management, nonprofit administration, fund raising/development, internal and external communications, stakeholder relations, and event management.

This role requires an understanding of the Italian American community, culture, and heritage. The Executive Director should be fully committed to the organization’s mission.

Fluency with Italian language is a useful but not required. College degree preferred.

This is a full time, in-person position based at the UNICO National office in Fairfield, New Jersey. There is the ability for some flex/remote work for a portion of the work week.

Periodic travel and some weekends/evening work may be required.

Salary is commensurate with experience and capabilities.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

• Management of Finances, Budget and Accounting records, transactions, and reporting. Oversee the financial resources management within UNICO such as budgets, collection, distribution, and accounting of all funds, property and records. Preparation of Treasury Reports for Board, support of audit and compliance matters, and oversights of banking. Provide timely and accurate financial information to the Finance Committee and follow Investment Policy and Procedures. Supports UNICO Foundation record keeping and financial management, scholarship and grants programs, and investment committee. Hands on role that provides functions typically associated with CFO. Understanding of nonprofit finances and QuickBooks needed.

• Contract Negotiations, support of annual convention and event management. Review contracts and negotiate favorable terms for organization. Select locations and venue for events. Support event committees.

• Ensure adequate staffing is maintained within UNICO National and by exploring alternative staffing methods, ie.: volunteers, work-study, non-paid interns, and when feasible adding paid staff.

• Provide timely guidance and establish work priorities to all staff on all UNICO activities.

• Maintain Human Resources such as Policy and Procedures Manuel, annual reviews, performance updates, orientation programs for volunteers, etc.

• Assure the continuity of top level volunteers with UNICO National through a program of cultivation and recruitment and motivation of chapter volunteers.

• Cultivate and develop cooperative relationships with chapters, members, donors, businesses, government, community and other interested Italian-American heritage groups to implement effective strategies for developing Fund Raising techniques and campaigns that will meet with continually changing needs of UNICO National and the charities they support.

• Provide information to UNICO National’s Executive Committee in order for them to identify and act upon changes impacting UNICO National’s operation.

• Develop, maintain, and update a Communication/Public Relations strategy that utilizes to the fullest extent the latest technologies in the field of computers, electronic media, web page and internet.

• Assist existing chapters with administrative, marketing and communicative efforts when needed and identify and promote the development and marketing of UNICO National in areas where a chapter has not been established.

• Maintain professional growth through attending, with approval, professional development programs, seminars and conferences.

• Develop and adhere to standards that positively impact and enhance the work of the UNICO National mission.

• Maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct

Closing Date to Apply – January 31, 2022

Only Final Candidates will be interviewed by UNICO Personnel Committee.

Start Date TBD

Please email resume and cover letter to UNICO National at consultant@unico.org 

Salvatore Benvenuti
Executive Director
UNICO National
271 Rte. 46W, Ste F-103
Fairfield, NJ 07004
(973) 808-0035


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