Why we honor Saint Anthony with an annual festival (since June 13, 1904)

May 25, 2019 412

BY: Suzanna Molino

The news stories report that Sunday February 7, 1904, was a brutally cold and windy day. In Baltimore, a single spark was destined to change the face of the city forever. That spark ignited a blaze in the warehouse of the John W. Hurst Company at German (now Redwood) and Sharp Streets. Shortly after 11 AM, the building was engulfed in flames.

By noon, the fire had spread to nearby buildings, and the wind was driving it still further. Fire companies from Washington, Pennsylvania, and New York rushed to join the battle, but it was too late. The flames pounced and dove like hungry animals, devouring every building in their path. Downtown Baltimore was an inferno.

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SOURCE: https://www.promotioncenterforlittleitaly.org/

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