The 12 Points community honors WW2 Veteran Nick Agresta Sr.

May 29, 2022 224

BY: Lilly Cederdahl

Gold Medal Plaza has welcomed a new Dedication Bronze Plaque to the park Saturday in Terre Haute, IN. The Dedication Plaque is in honor of late Italian Immigrant Nick Agresta Sr. who served in World War 2 and raised his family in 12 Points. 12 Points is where Nick continued to show support and patriotism post war by selling thousands of American flags throughout the Wabash Valley.

12 Points Revitalization as well as Agresta’s family unveiled to the public their eight-month long project in honor of Nick’s dedication to the community. The program featured a proclamation by Mayor Duke Bennett, Honor Guard by American Legion Post 104, as well as a performance of God Bless America by the Patriotic Quartet. 

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