Cleveland Italian Film Festival 2020 coming soon!

Aug 11, 2020 417

BY: Joyce Mariani

GREAT award winning films from Italy! * SEPT. 17 -Oct. 8 * - Atlas Cinemas Eastgate. We jumped through cinematic hoops to bring you the best film fest this year and some GREAT films from Italy!! There are some changes this year as you can expect: :) We have half the normal seating available to allow for social distancing in the theaters.

For each film 80 people admitted into each of the two theaters showing the film (160 seats total). First come first serve. $15 per film. Since we aren't issuing tickets this year, please bring cash for the EXACT amount ($15 ea.). No change will be made. Please drop your money in a box at the lobby table. Masks are required in the lobby and restrooms. At your discretion in the theater, or if eating or drinking.

All films begin 7:30 pm:
Sept. 17 - "Benvenuto President" Comedy
Sept. 24 - "Nessuno Come Noi" Drama/Comedy
Oct. 1. - "Viva l'Italia" Comedy
Oct. 8 - "Metti La Nonna in Freezer" Comedy

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