Italian American Club keeps culture, food alive

May 31, 2017 1144

BY: Aimee Blume

The Italian American Social Club is easy to spot on Facebook if you do a quick search. It's the page with the banner picture of ziti with tomato and peppers and the profile picture of a plate of roasted eggplant with sauce, lightly sauced spaghetti, salad and a crusty roll.

At any given club meeting, you might run into Alfred Savia, maestro of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra; chef Enzo Russo, food and beverage director at Deaconess Hospital; or Franco Mannino, local restaurateur and master of all things pizza and pasta. There are many people with Italian last names and many without. At each meeting, 30-45 people from all walks of life gather at a member's home to talk about Italy and Italian customs, maybe play bocce ball, speak Italian among members who know the language and enjoy wine and amazing home-cooked food.

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