Michelangelo reproductions to be on display at Greater Columbus Convention Center

Dec 20, 2021 584

BY: Nancy Gilson

Even those lucky enough to visit the Sistine Chapel in Rome aren’t likely able to get the best view of Michelangelo’s famous frescos: the creation of Adam and other tales from Genesis and the Bible, and the spectacular “Last Judgement.” The paintings are on the vaulted ceiling at a height of 72 feet — and with more than 5 million people visiting the chapel each year, the room is crowded with tourists.

Now a touring exhibition of reproductions of the frescos, “Michelangelo — A Different View,” is making the rounds, including a stop beginning Dec. 22 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Licensed by the Vatican Museums in Rome, the exhibit includes more than 50 large reproductions of the frescos that are presented not on a ceiling but on the ground where visitors can walk around them.

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SOURCE: https://news.yahoo.com

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