Trash or Treasure: Italian craftsmanship shines in vintage marble

Feb 13, 2020 552

BY: Khristi Zimmeth

It was my parents’ and they got it at an estateabout 1970,” Jean Norgrove told DuMouchelle appraiser Joelle Del Rose at a recent Trash or Treasure appraisal day held at the downtown auction house and gallery. “I think they paid about $5 for it. It’s been in the family ever since.”

Del Rose identified the small marble sculpture as a bust of Beatrice, Dante’s would-be lover. Beatrice, aka Beatrice Portinari, plays a major role in the Italian poet Dante’s life and work, she said. According to, “Beatrice, the woman to whom the great Italian poet Dante dedicated most of his poetry and almost all of his life, from his first sight of her at the age of nine (“from that time forward, Love quite governed my soul”) through his glorification of her in la divina commedia, completed 40 years later.”

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