Bensonhurst record store still selling Italian goods over 50 years later

Dec 03, 2018 297

A Bensonhurst record store is going strong after over 50 years of keeping Brooklyn residents in touch with their Italian heritage. SAS Italian Records opened in 1967 and houses more than 3,000 CDs and other items. Owner Silvana Conte says the store was the first Italian importer of some items they sell like sportswear, magazines and Italian DVDs.

Residents used to flock to the store to see Italian celebrities. "Little Tony was like the Italian Elvis. So they announced on the radio that he was coming and everybody and their grandmother was here," says Conte. "The store was packed, people didn't want to lose their spots so they peed on the floor ... all the singers used to come from Italy and they would sign autographs and it was really great."

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