In Bergamini’s Works, We Will Meet Again Beyond All Matter and Boundaries

Aug 21, 2021 231

BY: Manuela Antonucci

There is a place we belong to, beautiful and far away. An ocean we often ignore. A place both remote and intimate. As blue as the depths of the sea in Greece in summer and the sky on certain star-filled nights. That place is ours, and somehow it is part of us.  We find this place in the latest works by the artist Angelica Bergamini, originally from Viareggio and now an American based in Brooklyn, currently on show at the Ivy Brown Gallery, New York.

Almost all the works are immersed in that shade of blue. And almost all of them take us back to a dimension that we often tend to overlook. Blue is the color of introspection, of the relationship with oneself, which permeates us deeply and connects us with each other, even with the ethereal. A place that dwells in all of us, in the entire universe, a place we find whenever we gaze towards infinity. An infinity from which we all spring and to which we will return.


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