Bill de Blasio Blasts MTV for "Peddling Stereotypes" in 'Made in Staten Island' Reality Show

Jan 18, 2019 375

BY: Patrick Shanley

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken issue with MTV's upcoming reality series Made in Staten Island, which follows a group of young people who are trying to distance themselves from families connected to organized crime in the area. "Anyone who has spent any time on Staten Island knows MTV is peddling stereotypes in a shameless ratings grab," de Blasio tweeted last week about the show.

His sentiment about the reality series is shared by a large group of fellow New Yorkers. A petition on which aims to "cancel the show or remove the borough's name from the title" has received over 7,000 signatures to date.  City Councilman Joseph C. Borelli also criticized the show, telling The New York Times, "We’ve been stereotyped before but now they are playing this stereotype out among kids and glorifying a life of crime. 

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