CIM in the USA: Alessandro Crocco is the new president

Feb 09, 2024 481

The Confederazione Italiani nel Mondo (CIM) has expanded its presence in the United States. At a recent meeting, a clear desire emerged to renew the organization's commitment to its compatriot communities. Out of this reflection came the proposal for a new organizational chart that led to the appointment of the following board, which has Alessandro Crocco at its top in the role of president.

The other positions are: Roberto Caiaro, will instead be Vice President; Gina Lia Catizone, General Secretary; Graziella Bivona, Honorary President; and Gabriella Ferrero, Equal Opportunity Officer. A new leadership, therefore, which from the outset, according to the press note, has manifested its intention to adopt a dynamic and innovative approach to meet the challenges and seize future opportunities.

The aim is of contributing significantly to the enhancement and effective representation of Italians around the world, through initiatives aimed at reciprocally strengthening the link with Italy. In this context, the newly appointed President for the United States, Alessandro Crocco, expressed gratitude to the National President, Angelo Sollazzo, for the appointment and for the constant support and esteem shown to him.

He also reiterated his commitment to ensuring that every initiative is in line with the solid principles and values of the IMC, casting a hopeful eye toward the future.

Crocco added, "My recently concluded term as President of the New York Comites has been marked by challenges and unrelenting commitment. During this time, I was constantly dedicated to implementing positive changes and resolving key issues involving Italians abroad. Through cultural projects, community initiatives and collaborations with institutions, I worked to strengthen the sense of belonging and address the daily challenges that our community abroad faces. I firmly believe," he closed, "that our collective efforts will produce significant results, keeping the necessary consistency and integrity intact, without compromise.

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