Daughter of Italian immigrants finds success with Crafty Kids

Dec 14, 2018 441

BY: Tracey Porpora

The daughter of Italian immigrants, Adriana Giambanco, 36, grew up learning firsthand how hard work pays off. “My dad was an artist in Palermo (Sicily). When he came here at 18 years old he realized he had to work," she said, noting that he launched his own business, an import/export custom brokerage.

“So I worked there until I became a full-time mom. I have been working since I’m 15 years old," added Giambanco.  In addition to a hard-work ethic, she said she quickly learned the value of money. "My dad was just starting the business, so I had to help pay for my Sweet 16. You really value money that way... Nothing is given to you. You need to work hard to create what you want,” said Giambanco.

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SOURCE: https://www.silive.com

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