Exhibit Spotlight: guest curator features The Art and Influence of Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Apr 29, 2022 186

BY: Bryan Field

The newest Binghamton University Libraries exhibit features the works of Maria Mazziotti Gillan, professor emerita of Binghamton University, as part of the Guest Curator Program. Created by Kiel Gregory, M.A. candidate, youth initiative special projects coordinator for the Center for Civic Engagement, and tutor coordinator for Upward Bound, this exhibit highlights the impact of Gillan’s work, a unique cultural voice, and a gateway to inspire others to share their own perspective.

“Maria has done considerable work in the area of culture and identity,” said guest curator Kiel Gregory. “What’s interesting is that there is so much diversity in lived experience. In other words there’s so much to identity that the scope of it is so broad. Part of Maria’s passion, I believe, is helping people find a way to talk about their lived experience that is not constrained by any aspect of identity.”

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SOURCE: https://libnews.binghamton.edu/

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