Exhibition Uncovers Forgotten Italian Community in “Lung Block”

Apr 25, 2019 183

Here’s an interesting exhibition for history buffs and Lower East Siders alike: The Lung Block, a New York City Slum and Its Forgotten Italian-American Community,” is digging into the parallel stories of a displaced Italian community on The Lower East Side in the 1930’s and our present day sagas of gentrification and immigration challenges. 

The exhibition, co-curated by Kerri Culhane and Stephano Morello, is opening at the Department of Records Building (31 Chambers Street) on Thursday, April 25, at 6pmThey write: "In 1933, a lively Italian immigrant enclave on the Lower East Side was wiped from the map. For over three decades, Italian immigrants from northern and southern regions, speaking divers dialects, settled between the Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges, on the block bounded by Cherry, Monroe, Market and Catherine Street."

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SOURCE: http://www.thelodownny.com/

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