Joey Giambra is my nomination for Buffalo's most beloved citizen

Oct 22, 2018 684

BY: Jeff Simon

The subject just came to me one Sunday: who is the most beloved person in the city of Buffalo? (Who is neither an athlete or TV personality.) As fast as the question came, so did the answer: Joey Giambra. In past days, he might have had some competition with the likes of Jackie Jocko or the late Lance Diamond, but mortality has thinned their beloved ranks. It is literally true about Joey (I've never heard him referred to in any other way) that everyone who knows him tends to love the guy. At the very least, they grin whenever they hear his name.

He is not to be confused with the indomitable middle-weight boxer with the same name who died in early March. We're talking about a very special Buffalo Joey whose life and background are unique. We're talking about Joey the actor, the playwright, the musician, the restaurateur, the ex-cop, the most devoted chronicler ever of life and music on the West Side of Buffalo (and its cultural setting in our city). His books include a life of Buffalo restaurateur Russell Salvatore.

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