NYC schools try to save face with ‘Italian Heritage Day’ after dumping Columbus Day

May 05, 2021 297

BY: David Meyer, Julia Marsh and Carl Campanile

Maybe they should have explored this idea — or even checked with City Hall — before moving ahead full sail. As backlash over its previously unannounced decision to scrap Columbus Day snowballed Tuesday, the New York City Department of Education later said it would now close schools on Oct. 11 for “Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous People’s Day.”

“City Hall wants Italian Heritage Day and Indigenous People’s Day so no one is left out,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio’s spokesman Bill Neidhardt as confusion reigned over the woke imbroglio. Asked whether City Hall had been aware of the decision to wipe Columbus Day from the school calendar, Neidhardt only said, “We do not agree with not including Italian Heritage Day.”

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