Santa Rosalia Festival Committee hosts dinner in honor of this year’s grand marshal

Aug 27, 2019 265

BY: John Alexander

On the first night of the Santa Rosalia Feast in Bensonhurst, the festival committee held a dinner in honor of this year’s grand marshal, City Councilmember Justin Brannan. The kick-off dinner was Thursday, Aug. 22, at Il Colosseo restaurant at 77th Street and 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst. It was hosted by District Leader Joseph Bova, who welcomed guests and told the story of St. Rosalia, who was born in Palermo.

According to the story, she turned to God at an early age and went to live in a cave, where she devoted her time to worship. St. Rosalia eventually moved to Mount Pellegrino, about three miles from Palermo, where she continued to worship God. She is said to have appeared after death and to have revealed that she spent several years in a little excavation near the grotto. 

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