A Young Italian Woman From Brooklyn Uses Song To Sooth Her Patients’ Disabilities And Her Ownc

May 16, 2018 312

One of the benefits to managing the Italian Enclaves Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and blog, aside from traveling to some very interesting places, is that it affords me the chance to meet spectacular people. Occasionally, I try to shed light on individuals of Italian descent who are making extraordinary contributions to society.

The contributions that I look for are not of the glitz and glamour variety. People should hear about others who selflessly contribute to our society not only as a way of acknowledgement but also as a form of motivation. A fascinating part of the Italians’ contribution is that even as second, third, and fourth generation, we are always harnessing our unique skills and talents to add significant value to society.

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SOURCE: https://italianenclaves.com/

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