The forgotten town of Sicily

Jul 07, 2018 473

BY: Rocco Maglio

There have been a number of towns that have come and gone in Hernando County, among them are Augusta, Pemberton Ferry/Croom, Oriole and Sicily. The town of Sicily was briefly mentioned around 1900. The Hernando County Superintendent’s Report for 1900 mentions that there are 24 schools.

It lists the locations of the eighteen white schools: "Hammock Hills, Lake Lindsey, Istachatta, Rock Hill, Providence, Oriole, Ayers, Irwin Lakes, Cedar Tree, Sicily, Rural, New Harmony (Garden Grove), Spring Lake, Bay City, Riverland, Kayton, Withlacoochee and Brooksville." There were also six Black Schools: “Brooksville, Mundon Hill, Hannibal, Bay Springs, Blue Sink, and Wiscon.”

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