Italian/American Artist Solo Exhibition for Art Basel Miami

Nov 13, 2021 596

BY: Lisa Morales

In anticipation of Art Basel Miami and Miami Art Week 2021, Italian artist, Elidea will exhibit new works at her solo show titled, “COALESCE”. This exhibition will take place at Glassbox Ironside with an Opening Reception on Tuesday, November 30th from 5:00–10:00 p.m. RSVP is required

Coalesce means, “come together and form one mass or whole.” To Elidea, COALESCE is the fusion of a creative world made up of photography, collage, painting and gold. It is the birth, the destruction and the new life of a body, texture, human figure, and look. Her new artworks are dedicated to the fragility, enchantment and strength of a woman’s body. 

“Moving to Miami from Italy served as stimulus. I was able to reflect more on the world around me,” comments Elidea. “The challenges of adapting to a new country and culture, plus balancing my business and family life has allowed me to grow. I feel that my art represents all women and our experiences are fragments that come together to form a beautiful and powerful whole.” 

Artist Statement 

With the COALESCE project, Elidea wants to communicate through her artworks, the importance of finding value in broken pieces by: celebrating life’s history and flaws; bringing to light the scars that have come from life experiences; finding new purpose; seeing the love and beauty of the imperfections; and loving ourselves even with our flaws. 


Elidea follows the creative process of transformation by first breaking down the figure (the original photograph): ruining, erasing, and tearing. After its new life and innovative vision, she adds detail with a powerful inclusion of golden/copper/silver leafing that highlights the scars as the main part of the artwork. This process gives each work a new life and a completely innovative vision compared to the initial photograph taken by Italian-French fashion photographer, Raoul Beltrame who collaborated with Elidea on this project. 

Embracing the imperfect means that we celebrate our strengths and Elidea with her unique technique art, emphasizes its fractures and breaks making the repaired piece even more beautiful than the original. It is revitalized with a new look and given a second life. 

Every scar is unique and as human beings, imperfections are inevitable. By embracing these flaws, we are the artwork:  an even stronger, more beautiful version of ourselves. 

About Elidea 

Elidea is a contemporary Italian artist based in Miami. Upon finishing her studies at the European Design Institute in Milan, she began working as a graphic designer with several studios in her home city, as well as participating in a professional collaboration at the European Design Institute. 

Her art is a multilayer work with hidden details. Her technique evolves from classic photos into mixed media collage creations with the usage of paper; golden/bronze leaf; acrylic colors and charcoal. Cutting, pasting, and overlaying allows her to create her unique vision -- often surrealistic and full of stimulus. 

During Art Basel Miami 2018 and 2019 respectively, Elidea was presented the ‘Best Rising

Artist Exhibitor’ award and named ‘Spotlight Artist’ by Spectrum Miami Art Fair. 

Elidea was also selected to collaborate with the iconic whiskey brand Bulleit® for the ‘Frontiers Works Project 2019’ that took place during Miami Art Week. For this brand, she created six original works of art for Bulleit® bottles, as well as an original hand-painted mural. 

Her works have been exhibited in numerous Italian art galleries between Milan and Venice and at several art exhibitions in the US, including Art Basel Miami and New York. 

COALESCE – An Exhibition of New Works by Elidea

Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 30th 2021, 5:00 – 10:00 pm

RSVP Required: |  786.440.6552 or via Eventbrite

@arts_elidea (Instagram) Elidea (Facebook)

Glassbox Ironside at Miami Ironside

7520 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33138

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