Santa Maria replica ship docks in Jacksonville this weekend

Oct 24, 2021 557

BY: Dawn White

A bit of floating Spanish and American history is in downtown Jacksonville this weekend. The Nao Santa Maria tall ship is docked by the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It's a replica of one of Christopher Columbus' ships that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1492. “We are in Nao Santa Maria. It is a replica of Columbus’ ship. It’s a replica because of course there’s nothing left from the original. It sank the same year that it got in America," Marga Feliu said. 

The Santa Maria replica has a crew that works and lives on the ship. They're mostly from Spain, including crew member Marga Feliu. “There’s five decks. There’s four decks that the public can visit," Feliu said. "There’s this main deck, then there’s the hull, which has an exhibition about all the history and a video about the construction of the vessel.” 

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