What it takes to be the Oceanside Tourism Ambassador

Jan 12, 2019 2586

BY: Severino Ricci, Oceanside Tourism Ambassador for Italy

Oceanside, located in Southern California, offers scenic views to its visitors. The palm-dotted harbor beach, historic wooden pier, England-style harbor and elite neighborhood provide its visitors with outlandish experience. It is a hidden gem for tourists who want to get in touch with natural beauty accompanied with exotic infrastructure. I am proud to be the Oceanside Tourism Ambassador for Italy, because I am responsible to share the city’s exotic life and relaxing experience with the world. 

Not only this, but I also get to share the adventure and recreational fun that the city offers to its visitors. I believe that the city has strong potential to achieve worldwide fame on account of its history, diversity and culture. Personally, I believe that the joy offered by this city can be shared with the tourists, bag packers, adventure seekers and leisure planners. This city has a lot to offer to the tourists by means of enhancing their experience with extensive diversity, sights and activities.

 The prospect of becoming a prominent tourism hub is also shared by the Oceanside community because the locals are welcoming to the visitors. It is a great opportunity to celebrate local culture and history with the world and sustain broader economic prospects for the local by bringing more business for the local community. 

On account of my professional satisfactions, I believe that I have achieved operational objectives in an effective manner. The statistics indicate that the followers’ number of my Facebook and Instagram pages has increased considerably, which is a significant milestone in creating awareness about vacation options in Oceanside. I thank all my followers for this amazing result. 

The major advantage in being the Oceanside Tourism Ambassador for Italy is that I get to experience the beauty of this city. I am mesmerized with the experience that this city offers to the leisure and adventure seekers. I am grateful to “Visit Oceanside” (at California Welcome Center) and its President/CEO Ms Leslee Gaul for giving me the opportunity to represent Oceanside in Italy. 

When it comes to my responsibilities, I have to ensure that I meet the criteria of experience that I am sharing. I have to make sure that the image I have been representing for the tourists in order to attract them, is well presented. Furthermore, I have to keep a keen eye on the recent advancements in the tourism industry to ensure that visitors are provided with correct information. 

So far I have been successful in increasing awareness about the fun-lived experience offered by Oceanside. The information that is shared via social media has become viral in the target market and I hope it supports visitors to make memorable experiences. In future, I intend to continue on making noise! Creating buzz and painting a good image about the city everywhere is good noise. 

“Normal is overrated! Love, Oceanside”.

California Welcome Center Oceanside. Toll Free: 800-350-7873. Phone: 760-721-1101. Fax: 760-421-0106. Email: visitorinfo@visitoceanside.org Website: www.visitoceanside.org Address: 928 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054

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