Gucci’s first-ever U.S. pop-up store to debut at Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Nov 10, 2019 907

BY: John Wenzel

One sign that the pop-up trend has reached the mainstream: Gucci has jumped into the game. The Italian high-fashion brand, based in Florence and Tuscany, is rolling out a number of luxury pop-up stores in shopping malls around the world just in time for the holidays. Known as Gucci Pin, the brightly-colored, rectangular display will debut in the U.S. at Cherry Creek Shopping Center on Nov. 15.

Why Cherry Creek? The complex is frequently listed as the metro area’s No. 1 or No. 2 tourist attraction, according to Visit Denver, and the Gucci Pin pop-up (as it’s being called) is sure to get lots of attention and foot traffic. “Inspired by the pins seen on interactive digital maps … (the stores) will launch in different waves during the upcoming year,” Gucci officials said via press release.

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