Maserati Is The Premier Automotive Partner At The Nantucket Wine and Food Festival

May 19, 2018 1047

Maserati is the official automotive sponsor of the 2018 Nantucket Wine and Food Festival, the acclaimed culinary event entering its 22nd year and ending on Sunday, May 20th. During the event, Maserati will deploy its fleet across the island, including the timeless Quattroporte sedan and the luxury Levante SUV. Nantucket displays a sense of scenic wonder: a rich and classic heritage with forethought, understated elegance.

The festival mirrors these values and has become a staple on the cultural calendar with over 3000+ attendees each season, paying tribute to the most influential leaders in the food and wine world. This year, Bruno Borie of Ch√Ęteau Ducru-Beaucaillou will be recognized as the '2018 Luminary of the Year.'

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